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1/9/22 Rev. Daniel Au - "Unity Through The Power of God"             1 Corinthians 1:10, 1:18-25

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On 9/5/21 Rev Dr. Marie Onwubuariui gave a very thought provoking message entitled "Enter In" on the season of transition in pastoral and mission ministry at Upper Merion Baptist Church 

A Gallop poll on level of membership in all types of churches stayed pretty constant at 70 percent from 1937 until its first dip in 1985 and then it rebounded to 70 percent in 2000. However, in 2010 it dipped to 60 percent and has continued its yearly drop to 47 percent in 2020. These numbers show a shift in the number of people entering into the church to a church entering into the world.

In 1Corinthians 9:10 and 2Corinthians 5:16, Paul had to enter into the world to reach the people and the same is true today. How can you share if you do not know their situation or how can people outside the hear the message?

1. That our church will have a greater understanding of our mission;

2. That God will grant us ways to live our mission in our homes, work, recreation, church and communities;

3. That each member will have a sense of personal ministry;

4.That we will be abke to give thanks to God for the ministries that we already  have in place, and we will be able to put into practice the ministries that need to be in place;

5. That tithes of our time, talent, and  treasure will all be consistently given to God.

6. That God will supply the monetary needs we have in order to invest in effective ministries.

7. We will understand how to develop disciples in our church, and those disciples will disciple others;

8. The Holy Spirit will touch each of us, and empower us with the knowledge and use of our spiritual gifts;

9. Our church will be God-led as we prepare to welcome new people to our fellowship;

10. The Holy Spirit will touch us and encourage us to share our faith with others;

11. That our congregation will become aware of needs of our community, and be empowered to assist those in need;

12. That the members and leaders of our congregation will lead others to server Jesus by their actions and words;

13. That our focus will be on Jesus as we seek to do ministry, and not on ourselves.

14. Through seeking God in prayer, our church and the world around us will be led to Jesus.

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